Literature for Tech-Minded

Course aims

The course introduces students to the fiction that would be good for engineers to read to reflect on their professional role in society and as individuals. The course prepares students to face challenges when they are to manage project groups and be leaders for organizations because such positions demand skills in social competence and empathy. Also, the course encourages students to sharpen their thinking and make it more complex to see patterns and connections in other fields. Finally, it opens students’ imagination to previously undiscovered aspects of the outside world, which stimulates creativity and develops a mind that is open to counterintuitive possibilities.

Target group

Doctoral students, young researchers


B1/B1+ (level of English)

Course content
Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will:
  • express complex thoughts by words; o develop their capacity to empathize;
  • enhance their critical thinking and analysis skills through the study of literature;
  • appreciate what humanity is able to accomplish and endure;
  • discover, think, evaluate, and analyze the world in broader, more universal terms;
  • build their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills;
  • improve their skills of argumentation, i.e. logical thinking, citing evidence, etc.

  • Elena Bazanova, PhD, associate professor

    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia

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