Запиcь на курс
"English for the Media"
English for the Media
Курс по выбору
для студентов бакалавриата 1-2 курсов
This course offers an opportunity to study and discuss a variety of subjects covered by major mass media of English-speaking countries (newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs, podcasts, documentaries). Students who decide to join will explore some finest examples of modern written and spoken English on such subjects as Urbanism, Demography, Psychology, Green Energy, Labour Market, Modern Art and many others. This course will boost your speaking and listening skills, strengthen your ability to produce clear and informed statements, increase your proficiency in critical and reflective reading in English, enable you to improve pronunciation, vocabulary and maybe general knowledge and expertise on top of that!

Преподаватель: Бранд Степан Владимирович (старший преподаватель ДИЯ)

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