Writing for the Media

Course aims

Writing for social media and the news media, engineers must convey their messages concisely, confidently, and memorably. This takes strategy, good storytelling skills, and the ability to focus on the essential information. This course is for students who want to strengthen their writing skills and develop their authentic voices as professionals. The course provides strategies turning technical jargon into a distilled message that captures online readers' attention. Also, the course explores media writing characteristics, i.e., ability to simplify information, focus on accuracy and details, objectivity, and clarity.

Target group

Doctoral students, young researchers


B1/B1+ (level of English)

Course content
Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will:
  • understand the difference between writing for print and writing for the web;
  • use techniques for writing across media outlets;
  • synthesize and make sense of a great deal of information for the target audience;
  • write more concisely using proper grammar and language appropriate for online readers;
  • identify characteristics of good online content;
  • present ideas in a logical order that supports the overall narrative.

  • Elena Bazanova, PhD, associate professor

    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia

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